You've probably heard of "Elf on the Shelf," but have you seen an elf on a roof?

The principal of an elementary school in Leander, Texas spread Christmas cheer this holiday season by dressing up as the famous "Elf on the Shelf" for the school's students to stumble upon.

"I saw many small elves appearing in the classrooms and thought it would be fun for the students if they had a life-sized elf watching over all 700 of them," Roberts said in a statement to KVUE. "During this busy time of the year, a little extra joy and excitement is a great way to spread holiday cheer."

Each day since Dec. 13, students at River Ridge Elementary School had to spot Principal Shelley Roberts dressed as an elf in different spots around the school.

"They could sometimes find her by the carpool line and other times inside a window reading a book," said Matt Mitchell with Leander Independent School District.

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But, as per tradition, the elf was never close enough to be touched.

After all, "We wouldn't want her to lose her magic, right?" Mitchell said.

Although the "elf" has now flown off to the North Pole, she hopes that she will get sent back again next year.

While this was Roberts first year pulling this stunt, she's not the first principal to do so.