HUNTERSVILLE, NC. -- Emily Johnson's favorite artist is Taylor Swift -- so when her parents surprised her with tickets to see Taylor in concert in Atlanta, Emily was overwhelmed with joy.

Emily's aid, Kennedy Jo Lambert, told NBC Charlotte that the 15-year-old has autism and is non-verbal.

"For Christmas this past year, her parents got her tickets to see her favorite artist. You guessed it—TaylorSwift We are driving from Huntersville, North Carolina to Atlanta, Georgia to see her perform on August 11," Lambert wrote on Facebook.

Lambert said the concert in Georgia is 11 days before Emily's birthday and it would be such a memorable experience for Emily to have the chance to meet Taylor Swift.

Emily is non-verbal, but with the help of her device called Novachat (Elsa) she is able to communicate who her favorite singer is.

Watch the video of Emily picking out her favorite artist below:

Let's help Emily meet Taylor Swift!