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Squirrel picnic tables go from pandemic hobby to father-daughter business

Amelia and Matt Fisher started building the unique feeders during quarantine but it's turned into much more.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — What have you done to pass the time during the pandemic? A father-daughter duo in Greensboro nailed down a new hobby that's turning into quite the business. Amelia and Matt Fisher build squirrel tables.

"One day we were going to go ice-skating but my skates didn't fit so I always wanted to build a squirrel table and do like a science experiment on what squirrels like but we never really had time so my dad said, 'You wanna make squirrel table?' and I just said, 'Yeah, I would love that!'" Amelia said.

The picnic-style feeders go on tree trunks to attract furry friends for a delicious meal. The Fisher pair now sells the unique feeders and gives 25% of the proceeds to Greensboro's Animal Rescue and Foster Program.

"I like actually teaching Amelia how to do the project because for me, it's not so much about building squirrel tables, which is kind of cool, but I like seeing her learn how to use the tools and how to build, with the hope, we're not always going to make squirrel tables but maybe she'll learn to use those skills to make other things as she gets older," Matt said.

Amelia uses the power drill and sands while Matt uses the table saw and other more dangerous tools. Next, they hope to make a full-sized version of the picnic table, for them to use in their backyard.  

If you're interested in checking out more of their work, here's their website. https://mphisher.wixsite.com/squirreltables