Murrells Inlet, SC (WLTX) - A South Carolina family is hoping you can help them reunite a lost suitcase that they found on a road.

Nick Arditi says on Christmas Day, his family was near the Prince Creek Parkway in Murrells Inlet, close to South Carolina's coast, when they found a large red suitcase on the road. Arditii said in a Facebook post it was obvious to him that it fell off someone's car.

He said they did look inside it, and says it contains what are clearly the belongings of a little girl, probably a pre-teen.

"There's a broken-hearted little girl out there," he said. "It has everything she owned in it, including new things with tags."

His post has since gone viral. As of late Tuesday, it had over 350,000 shares.

He says as soon as the owner contacts him, he'll ask if that person can identify the contents. Once he knows that he's found the right person, he'll let everyone know.