Haters gonna hate. But apparently, the haters hate different things in each state. (Yes, we're writing in rhymes now).

Hater is a dating app that matches their users by their mutual hatred of particular things. Makes sense... a mutual hatred of candy corn, mayonnaise or Styrofoam is always a good conversation starter, and therefore, bonding tactic.

But things got particularly interesting when Hater used their data from thousands of the app's users across the United States to find out what the most hated foods are from every state.

So what do the Carolinas love to hate?

What are your thoughts on cottage cheese? The popular dietary tactic and gunky, fresh cheese curd product is the most hated food in North Carolina, according to Hater's data.

As for South Carolina? Well, you won't be catching residents trading in their sweet tea anytime soon. Hater's data showed that the most hated food in the Palmetto State is Matcha tea.

The tea is basically green tea on steroids. According to Matcha Source, one serving of the tea is equivalent to 10 cups of regularly brewed green tea and is sugar and gluten free.

Hater's data said other states have a variety of hatreds. Louisiana apparently hates cookies with raisins, Oregon hates fast food, and Texas hates steak cooked well done.

Check out the full map here:

(Photo: Hater)
(Photo: Hater)