One man has come up with a genius idea of how to use Amazon's "Prime Now" to its fullest potential.

Since there's no official rules on delivery addresses for Amazon, 29-year-old YouTuber Rob Bliss wanted to find out whether Amazon Prime Now would deliver items to street corners with no real address. Indeed... they do.

In multiple acts of kindness, Bliss has been going around the Big Apple ordering sleeping items for homeless individuals and having Amazon deliver straight to the person.

"I had been thinking about how popular apps could be re-purposed from their original uses, and it came to me that apps that deliver within one to two hours could likely make deliveries to people in need, too," Bliss told NBC's Today Show.

In his YouTube video, Bliss is seen asking the homeless what they need. The experiment has especially benefited those in need of warm items during the cold, miserable winter months in the northeast as many asked for shoes, blankets, socks and food.

And it's not just the homeless Bliss is warming the hearts (and feet) of, Amazon's delivery people also seem touched in the video as they give the much-needed package to the person in need.

"My hope is that (Amazon employees) see this, and realize their potential to help enable giving," Bliss said in his video.

Watch his sweet experiment on YouTube: