RALEIGH, N.C. -- Every girl wants to feel like a princess at their prom, right? Well, one North Carolina teen felt exactly that thanks to a little girl and a magical moment.

Kwani Taylor, 17, was taking photos with her prom date when a little girl approached her.

"We were in Raleigh Rose Garden taking pre-prom pictures when the little girl walked up, her eyes just big and bright," says Tee Taylor, the teen's mother who captured the sweet moment on video.

The little girl, 4-year-old Emory Matthews, had spotted Kwani and her date taking photos and immediately became enamored.

"She saw Kwani and said, 'There's a princess over there,'" the girl's mother, Megan, recalls. "We didn't want to interrupt so we waited until a good moment and she just ran up and was enamored."

It didn't take a moment for Kwani, in a sparkling ball gown, to hop right into character.

"My daughter just bent down and went right into character," Tee said. "She won best actress at her school, she's into drama, it just makes sense for her to step into that role."

Since posting the video to Facebook, the sweet moment has received over 5 million views and over 71,000 shares.

Megan says she is touched that the sweet moment was touching the lives of people across America as well as Kwani and her family.

"It was very impactful to Emory, something that will stay with her forever but to know it meant something to Kwani too is really sweet," Megan says.

"It was very heartwarming for me. My daughter's so compassionate and she just stepped right into character, that's part of her personality," Tee said.

As Emory and her family walked away after meeting the "princess," Emory asked why she was at the rose garden.

"She was at the garden because she was getting ready to go to the ball," Megan responded.