Believe it when you see it, right?

Well, here it is. Photographic proof that unicorns are real... at least, real enough for a magical photo shoot with the mystical creature.

"Unicorn Photography" is taking over the visual art world and the pictures are magical. And you can thank two sisters for the new trend.

(Photo courtesy of If Wishes Were Ponies,
(Photo courtesy of If Wishes Were Ponies,

Aubrey and Effie Motoyama of If Wishes Were Ponies are the creators of the Unicorn Browband, a unicorn horn that attaches to a horse's halter or bridle.

"One day, my sister was thinking to herself, 'What would I have wanted as a child?' And she thought, 'I would have wanted to turn my horse into a unicorn,' and that's when she made the first Unicorn Browband," Aubrey said.

Since the sisters developed the Unicorn Browband in 2005, it's become a big hit with photographers.

"A lot of photographers use our unicorn horns for fantasy or princess themed shoots with children," Aubrey said. "Some dress the kids up as fairies. One photographer does a tea party shoot where the kids appear to be having tea with a unicorn at the table."

(Photo courtesy of If Wishes Were Ponies,
(Photo courtesy of If Wishes Were Ponies,

"Last year, one of our customers' pony 'Juliet the Unicorn' decided to run away during a shoot and led California Highway Patrol on a four hour chase (plus helicopter) before she was safely caught," Aubrey said. "The story went viral on social media and made international news."

The horns are also commonly used during Halloween and for film and television.

"Of course, many customers simply enjoy going on a trail ride or just having a riding lesson on a unicorn," Aubrey said.

<p>(Photo courtesy of If Wishes Were Ponies,</p>