ALBERTA, Canada -- When a Canadian woman lost her diamond engagement ring in the garden 13 years ago, she thought it was gone for good.

But this week it was found on a carrot, plucked from the soil on the family farm.

Eighty-four-year-old Mary Grams said she thinks she lost the ring while pulling a large weed from the garden in September 2004.

"I went to the garden for something and then, I don't know, I seen this big, big weed and I don't know why I had to pull it,” Grams said. “I should have left it or at least pulled with my right hand. It must have got caught in here somewhere and pulled the ring off and I still can't figure out the big knuckle it got over it somehow."

Grams has had the ring since 1951 - a year before she married her husband. After it was lost she quickly replaced it.

Her daughter-in-law was the one who pulled the lucky carrot from the ground.