CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Next week, dozens of Charlotte women will be wearing the same black dress for five days straight.

The Junior League is trying to raise awareness about poverty in our community. On top of that, the organization looks to help raise money.

Shannon Vandiver is a high-powered attorney and president of the Charlotte Junior League and yet, she wore the same black dress for a week last year. She tells NBC Charlotte she is about to do it again this year.

“As you go through the week, it wears on you, same dress," Vandiver said. "It really does wear on you.”

It's called the little black dress initiative. About 150 Charlotte women are expected to participate in the movement.

“It really makes it real, first and second days are normal," Vandiver says. "By three, four and five it becomes really real.”

The idea is to get people thinking – and talking about poverty in the Charlotte community.

The fact that 4,000 kids in CMS are homeless or that 20 percent of kids in our area are living in poverty.
What it means to only have one outfit to wear.

Arina Kirk is the Junior League’s President Elect says, “To show up every day day after day in a black dress with a black button sparked conversations about the work we do in the community.”

It's also a fundraiser – the money the women raise goes to causes that help fight poverty.

“It’s crazy to say wearing one outfit for five days will change your life but I promise it will.”

Last year the Little BIack dress initiative raised $25,000 – all money goes back into charlotte community – this year hoping to double that number, they want to bring in $50,000.