CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- 'Tis the season of giving which, unfortunately, also means it’s the season of stealing.

The second-highest percentage of home burglaries happen during Thanksgiving and New Years and with AAA projecting more than 107 million Americans leaving their homes, burglars are licking their chops at the opportunity to break into your house.

There are 2,000,000 burglaries every year in the United States, meaning one every 13 seconds but surprisingly, it doesn’t take thousands of dollars to turn your home into robber repellent.

Here are three steps you can follow to prevent your home from being broken into:

1.) Secure your front door: 34 percent of break-ins occur at your front doorstep.

John Cirello learned the hard when his home security system caught a woman on camera at his Mooresville home.

One day later, he realized the lock on his back door was picked and his windows were unlocked.

“She was planning on coming back and emptying out my home,” said Cirello.

One way to keep the bad guys away: install a smart doorbell routed to your phone. The doorbells have two-way speakers that give visitors he impression you are home.

Outdoor home security cameras are as little as $150. They can help law enforcement identify anyone not welcome on your doorstep.

2.) When a door closes, make sure a window isn’t open: 23 of home invasions happen through first-floor windows. Keep them locked and install wireless motion sensors which you can find online for less than $10.

3) Keep the lights on: Use timers or smart lights you can control with your phone to make it appear that someone is home.