CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A sinkhole in west Charlotte is threatening several homes.

Located on Montana Drive near Beatties Ford Road, the sinkhole worsened after Monday evening’s storms and flash floods.

Now it is just a few steps away from the front porch of a home. It’s an unbelievable sight. The sinkhole is over 10 feet deep and could probably fit an entire car.

One woman whose brother lives in the home is worried for their safety.

“We’re very concerned that our house could fall,” Carolyn Barnett said.

A concern that looks like it could become a reality. Barnett says she first reported the sinkhole to the city when it was just a few feet wide. She says that was back in January.

“This is very dangerous," Barnett said. "Just think if somebody came along, and they’re not paying attention. They could fall in this hole.”

Since then it’s become a much bigger problem, and it’s only getting worse. Outside of the potential danger, the sinkhole cost Barnett’s family over $2,000.

“It flooded downstairs,” Barnett said. “The sewer stopped up, backed up and it flooded our house out.”

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Services says a meeting was held on October 20 to prepare for construction.

They say work is underway and will continue as scheduled. They anticipate the project to be finished early next year.

Until then people in this neighborhood will just have to steer clear of the gaping hole.