CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- After hearing concerns from neighbors in the Coulwood neighborhood, members of Charlotte's City Council gathered information and asked questions from Transportation officials regarding the city's policy on "Tiny Homes," or structures smaller than 500 square feet.

"We need to have some time. We're asking the residents to be patient with us. We're looking at what our choices are," said Councilwoman Vi Lyles. "My biggest concern is that when we have established neighborhoods it's not always going to feel compatible and we don't know how to adjust for that."

Plans are already underway to build nearly 60 tiny homes close together. The developer, Kelvin Young, says the homes will cost close to $90,000 each.

"It's expensive to live now. The average house is now is $300,000. The average one-bedroom rent is $1100," Young said. "That's a lot of money."

The Council's next step is to gather more public reaction, study other cities with similar proposals and then bring the issue up again at their next transportation meeting, which is scheduled to take place after the new year.