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SC wildlife rescues say they're inundated with baby animals

Carolina Wildlife Center says they've rescued 1,000 animals so far this year.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The Carolina Wildlife Center says they've rescued 1000 animals so far this year, and they're now inundated with baby animals.

Janie Lauve from the center says this Spring has been extremely busy, saying, "We're seeing about 20 animals being brought to us a day."

Going on to say, "Right now we are seeing a lot of orphaned babies the adult mother has been killed… the adult mother has been hit by cars."

Louve says wild animals are not pets and you should not try and treat an injured animal yourself. "If you don't know what you're doing you could actually harm the animal or make the situation a lot worse for the animal," she said.

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Blythewood resident Mandy Frisby says this week she found what she says were orphaned foxes living in a drain, saying, "Right there in the drain and I couldn't believe it."

She went on to say, "I saw a road kill earlier in the week and It looked like the size of a fox so I don't know if there mum has been hit."

Mandy and her daughters went on Friday to check on them to make sure they're ok, "I just figured they must be really hungry to be coming out in the middle of the day."

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Credit: Mandy Frisby

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But Louve advises people not to feed wildlife, saying, "We don't recommend feeding wild animals just because it gets them used to humans... You're placing them in harm's way."

She says to always call the experts for advise, you can also head to the center's website for rescue advise.

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