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Baby formula shortage: Companies address moms' concerns over empty shelves

Companies like Enfamil say they're working to ensure babies are fed during baby formula shortage.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — "COVID-19, already, is stressful enough, and then you can't get what you need for your child, that's a crisis," Marisa Oliver, a Burlington mom, said.

Oliver is referring to the baby formula shortage.

Her 4-month-old son, Dawson, is formula-fed. Because of his acid reflux and food sensitivity, he is on a hypoallergenic formula.

Oliver recently got an email letting her know about the supply issue and how the formula shortage could affect her order. She also saw an ad on Instagram from a different formula company dealing with the same problem.

"It is pretty stressful to see that because we do have to have this specific kind of formula. It is something that we have to have because we can't just switch to another one," Oliver said.

Enfamil, a popular formula company, provided information on its website about the shortage.

In part, it said, "We are aware of baby formula shortages in some retailers and will do everything possible to ensure you don't run out of formula. We appreciate your patience as we navigate this dynamic situation, and we will continue to provide updates to our community as the situation evolves."

WFMY also did some digging and found most of the Similac hypoallergenic formulas are out of stock on both the company's website and Amazon.

If you can't find the formula your baby needs, the CDC recommends reaching out to your pediatrician to see if switching formulas is an option.

The CDC also wants to remind parents that if your baby is under the age of one, they shouldn't drink whole cow's milk. Both the FDA and the American Academy of Pediatrics warn against using recipes to make homemade infant formula.