Thursday night, the Harris’ house is filled with sounds of laughter.

One-year-old baby King, a ball of energy, running playfully around the living room, even borrowing Rachel Brown's phone to take a few selfies.

But three weeks ago, it was a much different story. One that brings back painful memories.

“I’d rather went through that than him going through that because that really hurts me a lot,” said king’s mother Briana Harris.

She said she was home washing dishes when baby King grabbed a hot cup of water from the counter, thinking it was juice.

The water spilled onto his body and severely burned his face, chest and back.

She rushed him to the hospital, where he fought in Intensive Care for weeks.


“To see him like that really hurts me,” she said.

Doctors estimate that it could take months for his skin to heal. He cannot be exposed to sunlight and has regular visits to the hospital.

“He’ll have scars on his body for the rest of his life,” Briana said.

Since Briana has now taken off of work and school to care for king, her family has started a GoFundMe to ease the cost of medical bills.

Her warning for other parents is clear. “Watch your kids very closely. The minute you turn around, they could be in something that really hurt them.”

Experts say one of the best things parents can do is set up safe, enclosed play areas while they cook and clean.