CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Angela & Tim Munson are devastated that the newest member of their family 'Luna' has been taken away.

We have furry kids. They took our kids. They took our baby."

It all started 3 months ago.

"A bat got into our house," said Angela.

When Angela called her vet and told them what happened, everything changed.

The vets office that I called about my cat reported the incident to the Mecklenberg Country Health Department, and their reasoning was the bat could've been living in our house for years biting us all in our sleep."

And the most shocking part of it all:

"Our eight-week puppy Luna was sentenced to six months of institutional quarantine," said Angela. "Luna had never been vaccinated for rabies she was eight weeks and the youngest you can vaccinate a puppy is 12 weeks."

Angela says Luna was in her crate the whole time and there was no way the bat got to her. She can't believe Luna is being kept away from the family past the usual 10-day quarantine.

"I think it's absurd to be honest. Six months is the maximum sentence. I don't understand why a puppy who never came in contact with the bat was sentenced to six months."

The Munsons have hired an attorney now and spent more than $20,000. They even pleaded for an in-home quarantine.

"We don't understand why we can't do it with Luna. All of our pets are vaccinated. We are vaccinated."

But the judge sided with the Health Department.

Mecklenburg County had 19 confirmed rabies cases in animals last year. Two of them involved bats.
So, the Munson family continues to wait and see distraught with the way things turned out.

"She is locked up so many hours of the day. The fear is, she was eight weeks. She was a baby. She's growing up in a cage. What is that going to do to her?"

The couple has set up a GoFundMe page in hopes of freeing Luna soon.