CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Working from home and parenting at the same time could be a challenge and sometimes it’s difficult admitting that.

But there are ways to navigate through this new normal.

To get some advice, Wake Up Charlotte’s Billie Jean Shaw spoke to Jacqueline Currie, a mother and a licensed clinical mental health counselor in Charlotte.

Here are four things you need Currie says every parent should in place:

 1. Have a conversation with your child, and explain why they’re home

“We always want to use bullet points,” said Currie. “ We’re trying to get medicine people do get sick. We have to follow rules We don’t want to get into to much detail where we instill fear.”

2.Write out a plan, but don’t be afraid to go with the flow.

“The kids need to be able to see it, “ said Currie. “Put it on the refrigerator, put a copy in their room so they can see what’s going on for the day so they don’t feel anxious when you want them to transition.

3.  Pass along responsibility, this way you get your work done and so do your children.

“Say listen this is what I need you to do, “ said Currie. “Reiterate to them because they’ll forget. I need you to do this. After you  do this, mommy will be able to do this with you.”

4. Make sure you’re carving out some “me time.”

“You have permission right now,  more than enough permission to carve out time, multiple times a day,” said Currie. “ I tell my son I need an hour and mommy will be right back.”

Currie plans on hosting group therapy sessions for parents Thursday night at 8. For more details, follow Currie on Instagram.