One-skillet chicken, asparagus and potatoes with gravy

(Serves 4)

This tastes restaurant-worthy, but is easy even for the newbie cook and comes together in under 30 minutes. Using thin chicken cutlets and baby fingerling potatoes are tricks to speeding up the cooking process.

1 pound chicken cutlets, or boneless, skinless chicken breasts thinly sliced
Kosher or sea salt for seasoning
Freshly cracked black pepper
1 cup all-purpose flour
1 stick butter or ½ cup oil (you won’t use all of it)
1 large shallot, minced
¼ cup dry white wine
3/4 cup chicken stock
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard (optional but delicious!)
1 tablespoon fresh thyme leaves or any fresh herb
1 & ½ cups baby fingerling potatoes, or cubed red skin potatoes
½ bunch fresh asparagus, woody ends trimmed off


Season chicken cutlets with salt and pepper then dredge each one in flour. Place a few pats of butter into a large skillet (or enough oil to coat the bottom of the pan) and set over medium-high heat. Once the butter foams, add in enough chicken cutlets to fill the pan, without crowding—don’t overlap.

If the pan gets too hot, reduce heat to medium. Cook about 3 minutes on each side, adding more butter or oil if the pan gets dry. As cutlets are cooked, remove from pan onto a dinner plate and continue cooking remaining cutlets.
Once all cutlets are just cooked through, add a bit more butter or oil to the pan, make sure the heat is at medium and add in minced shallot, cooking until shallot pieces are just soft, about 2 minutes, then add in white wine and scrape the bottom of the pan, getting up all the tasty brown bits (this is called ‘deglazing’ the pan, to get up all the ‘fond’)—Let this come to a bubble and cook for just 1 minute.
Stir 1 tablespoon of flour into the chicken stock until there are no lumps and add that plus Dijon mustard into the skillet along with thyme (or other fresh herb) turn heat up to medium-high, stir and add in potatoes.

Cover and cook for about 5 minutes then uncover, stir, adjust heat if needed (it should be actively simmering but not boiling) and layer in asparagus, cover again and cook for about 5 minutes, until asparagus are bright green.

5 minutes before serving, place chicken cutlets back into the simmering pan, cover and heat for just a minute or two.

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