CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Summer isn't over yet, but it's already October in the candy aisle.

To get us in the mood for trick-or-treating and hayrides, Reese's has released its Halloween candy: the Reese's Bat. The bats, which are new to the Reese's lineup, join Valentine's Day hearts, Easter eggs, and Christmas trees as "festive" excuses to chow down on milk chocolate and peanut butter (like we need an excuse).

To get your hands on these, you'll have to stop at Target, where they're being sold exclusively for about $3.59 a bag. Target's Halloween candy game has been strong in 2017, as the retail chain has also begun selling "Cookies & Screeem" M&M's and the "Witches Mix" from Dove.

They have snack size Reese's Bats, and this is new information to me, and I just need a minute, okay.

— Scott S. Semester (@sssemester) August 24, 2017