CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Summer time is prime time for criminals. So, NBC Charlotte took a closer look at three gadgets designed to keep you safe during the summer.

The first one is targeted at runners and women walking alone.

In early July, two women jogging in the Steele Creek area at different times were approached by a man at gunpoint. He attempted to get the women into a car. They weren’t physically injured and the would-be kidnapper got away.

It’s stories like that that make runners nervous.

My Defense Tool is a new option to help protect women running or walking alone. The lightweight device fits in your hand and has a tip specially designed to collect DNA evidence of an attacker.

We showed it to runners in Freedom Park. Most of them told us they would use it and liked the idea that it could help find an attacker.

Another problem spot during the summer is the beach or pool.

What do you do with your wallet, jewelry and cell phone while you are taking a little dip? We asked that question and got answers ranging from ‘cover it’ to ‘put it in the trunk’ to ‘ask someone to watch it.’

The portable safe from Safego might be a better answer.

Here’s how it works: Simply wrap the steel cable around a beach chair or any fixed object to lock your iPhone, GoPro, wallet, or other personal items inside.

Finally, a device to make you more visible at night.

At least three pedestrians have been hit and killed in the Charlotte area this summer walking late at night.

Albedo reflective sprays have light reflective properties that work on a wide variety of surfaces. From clothes and bags to bikes and strollers. The spray makes objects visible in low light conditions such as twilight and darkness.

When you spray it on you can’t see anything. But when its dark and the light hits the surface, you can see how it could make a difference.