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An elderly woman was seen teetering while trying to mow her lawn. Charlotte Fire Ladder Two showed up to help

The Charlotte Fire Captain said the woman was so grateful for their help and asked how much do I owe you. The service was, of course, free.
Credit: WCNC Viewer

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte firefighters from Ladder Two are being praised by neighbors on Belton Street for stopping by to help cut the grass for an elderly woman who was struggling to complete the task herself. 

Alan, a neighbor who called for backup, said he spotted his neighbor teetering while pushing her lawn mower across the grass. 

"I have a health condition, or I would have done it myself," Alan said. So Alan drove around his neighborhood looking for lawn service guys who might be able to help the elderly woman.

"I was prepared to pay the men myself," Alan said. "But I couldn't find any."

That's when Alan had a bright idea. Call the fire department. 

"I used to be a firefighter, so I figured I would call them to see if they could help," Alan said. 

Alan said when he called 311 the person on the phone told him they would not be able to come out and help. 

Alan was disappointed but understood. 

All of a sudden, Alan spots Charlotte Fire Department Ladder two driving around his neighborhood looking for the home in question. 

Alan said the woman was so grateful for the firefighters that she actually asked the Captain how much she owed them.