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Twin sisters give birth to their babies on the same day

Not only did twins Celci and Delci have their baby girls on the same day, they were in adjacent rooms in the same hospital!

CLARKSVILLE, Ark. — Twin sisters Celci and Delci from Clarksville gave birth to their daughters on the same night, all during an ice storm blanketing Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley.

Two sisters having their due dates in the same month is a huge coincidence, but twin sisters with due dates eight days apart from one another? Then, in a twist of fate, for them to give birth on the same day? It's just unbelievable!

But, you're not seeing double! Celci was due Feb. 6 while Delci was due Feb. 14, however, Celci was induced and gave birth on Jan. 31 and Delci ended up giving birth only a few hours later at the same hospital—in adjacent rooms, in an ice storm!

Please help 5NEWS congratulate these incredible moms along with Esme and Noelle, cousins who will share a birthday for the rest of their lives. 💕 

ICE ICE BABY BABY: No, you’re not seeing double! These are TWIN sisters Celci and Delci from Clarksville who both gave...

Posted by 5NEWS Erika Thomas on Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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