LANCASTER, S.C. -- It has everything a bowling alley should: shoes, balls, lanes, screens, and snacks. However the Lancaster Bowling Center has new owners who aren't focused on profit. The new owners are focused on people.

"How are we going to use this to reach people in the community?" said Eric Kramer, Executive Director of Christian Services.

"Here in Lancaster- this is a need. We really don't have things for people to do- whether its families or kids. So I look at this building as an opportunity to run one side to earn enough money to pay the expenses of the building- and if I can do that, then I get the other half for free."

"I thought he was crazy." said Bekah Clawson, Executive Director of HOPE- Helping Other People Efficiently. "We're basically cutting the building in half- 15,000 & 15,000."

Christian Services and HOPE have teamed up- together the non-profits hope to run the bowling alley to raise enough money to pay for the building and provide help to families in need.

Christian Services says they help 1800 families every month and give away nearly a Million pounds of food each year.

"I don't mind doing what I can do. I'm 82." said Ann Caskey, a client of Christian Services for nearly a decade. "They're wonderful. They've been so good to me and my husband."

A grand opening is planned for early next week, and then on weekends families can enjoy bowling, video games, shuffle board, and other forms of entertainment on weekends.

The Alley is located on Reece Road in Lancaster, SC.