CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A Charlotte man was credited with saving several lives following the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

After the storm hit, John Gallagher bought a boat and left for Houston. He was still there on Labor Day.

“North Carolina, South Carolina and specifically around the Charlotte area, you guys are the best in the world,” Gallagher said in one of the many emotional videos he’s posted to Facebook of his journey.

“You guys have my heart,” he said.

Hundreds from across the Carolinas have been following Gallagher on social media, as he’s spent every bit of his time and money in Texas.

A GoFundMe page that he created with a $500 goal quickly surpassed $1,500.

Gallagher spent three days straight without sleep. He swam door-to-door in flooded neighborhoods, pulling children, animals and the injured out to safety.

He said his late mother is giving him the strength to continue helping.

“I’ve got a mom that raised me that it feels good to give,” he said. “She taught me that defines a sense of purpose.”

And one year after her death, he hopes he’s making her proud.

“I can’t let my mom’s legacy die,” he said. “Her heart is shining through my actions.”

You can follow John’s journey on Facebook here.