ALEXANDER COUNTY, N.C. -- Christmas came early for an Alexander County boy battling a rare and aggressive form of soft-tissue cancer.

Twelve-year-old Ivan Cruz and his family got to ride in Corvettes, meet a North Carolina Highway Patrol Trooper, the Stoney Point Volunteer fire department, and several local deputies. Even Santa Claus himself came by with gifts!

A fellow member of the car club runs a transportation service that helps cancer patients. It didn't take long to come together as a community.

"We just wanted to have this for him," said President of the Stoney Point Corvette Club, Larry Price. "Little boy and the family enjoys it too. Anything we can do for somebody like that, we'll do it."

For Ivan's Mom, Lucy Frausto, every day is a gift making the Christmas party even more special.

"Making memories," she said. "I think that's the most important thing. Especially around the holidays. Especially going through something like this. I really want to thank everybody. For all their kindness, their generosity... Just their time and their prayers. We're very grateful for everything."

Ivan himself summed up the day well.

"It's nice. It was really fun," he said."

Ivan's parents hope he will remember the party forever.