COPPELL, TX -- Cops are usually the ones to shut a party down, but Deputy Constable Mark Diebold came to start one up.

The Texas officer had a tea party with little Evelyn Hall to celebrate the anniversary of her entrance into the world, something Diebold played a big part in just one year ago.

"She loved clinking her little tea cup with him. They had a bonding moment there for sure," mother Destiny Hall told ABC News.

"Mark Diebold, without a doubt, is one of the most genuine, loving, thoughtful and caring [people] we have ever met. He is quick to think of others, and we are so blessed to call him friend and family."

In the early morning hours of July 18, 2016, Destiny went into labor. As her husband Caleb Hall raced to the hospital, they were pulled over by Diebold.

Learning the situation, Diebold did his part in helping the Halls get there. He turned on his sirens and escorted the couple, but Destiny realized she wasn't going to make it.

"She said 'Pull over, I'm having the baby!' and I said, 'No!'" Caleb told ABC News. "When she told me that it was happening, we were behind Officer Diebold, and he had his lights and sirens going. I kind of had a small glimpse of hope that maybe we would make it."

But baby Evelyn wasn't waiting any longer. The couple pulled over to a gas station where Diebold helped deliver their little girl. She was then photographed with Diebold's badge in honor of the role he played.

"It was amazing," Diebold told ABC News. "It was heartfelt, and it was a big deal. That photo shoot reminded me that [police work] is what I need to keep doing until it's my time to stop."

And Evelyn's latest photo shoot with Diebold is now having that same heartwarming effect on people across the country.

"Evelyn's birth has blessed us in countless ways, but our friendship with the Diebolds is one of the biggest ones," Destiny said.