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'Coolest job I've ever done' | Father-daughter duo building business, stronger bond

TShane Johnson and his daughter Charleston are running a coffee truck in Pineville.

PINEVILLE, N.C. — There’s a brand-new coffee truck in town, serving up treats and all sorts of caffeinated drinks to help get the day started. There’s an even sweeter story behind the dynamic duo who started the business.

TShane Johnson has had a lot of jobs. But he says his current job is the best one yet.

“I’m a barista to a 7-year-old and I love every second of it. It’s the coolest job I’ve ever done in my life,’ Johnson said.

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That’s because it’s tied in with the most rewarding job he’s ever had, being the dad to 7-year-old Charleston.

“I’m just so proud of who she’s becoming,” he said. “It’s amazing to watch her come up with these ideas, it’s the best part of you.”

Her latest and greatest idea was Big Guns Coffee.

“I’m the boss,” Charleston confidently told WCNC Charlotte.

She wanted to start a business. Her dad said if she came up with the idea, name and logo, they’d give it a shot and 20 minutes later, she had plans brewing.

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“I was kind of thinking; my dad is very strong, and I wanted other people to at least feel like they were strong so Big Guns Coffee,” she said.

Now, seven days a week, they run the coffee truck together.

“Seeing a young woman with dreams and aspirations, it’s my responsibility as a dad to get behind her,” Johnson said.

Charleston is learning communication, problem-solving and the art of saving money.

“I’m going to save up for a really nice house and dads going to live in the basement,” she said.

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But the moments in between taking orders and cleaning up are the most important.

“Me and my daddy get to spend time together and it’s really fun,” Charleston said.

They’re not only building a business but a stronger bond.

“Each day it’s an extension of her. When I give someone a coffee and I’m watching that little logo, people are like oh wow how’d you come up with this and I’m like I actually didn’t come up with any of this,” Johnson said.

The pride and love he has for his daughter making every day in the coffee truck Father’s Day.

The coffee truck is open every day from 7:30 to 11:30. They’re located at 13501 Dorman Road in Pineville.

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