CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Local businesses are facing an uncertain future. But in this time of crisis, a flower shop is turning the hardest day into something positive by doing a random act of kindness for the elderly. 

At Southern Blossom Flowers, it's been challenging.

"It's so hard to work with gloves," said owner Giovy Buyers. 

For Giovy Buyers, the coronavirus pandemic has been life-altering. Today, after 15 years, she had to close her doors.

"This has affected our industry tremendously, personally I had to let employees go," Buyers. 

Instead of throwing out what's left of her flowers. She's giving it to those who live at a local nursing home. 

"We love you and we share the love, and bring people smiles and i think this is the time we need to bring people smiles"

Buyers packed up bright blossoms and headed to Aldersgate Nursing Home. 

Thursday, residents got a flower with their meal but make no mistake this isn't just about flowers.

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It's about basic human needs, that even in tough times when the elderly have to stay inside without visitors, they're remembered and cherished. 

"You're not alone," said Buyers.

While Buyers future is uncertain, she has faith business will bounce back. 

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