CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Look closely at the guy in the hat and vest. He may look like the average Lowes' employee, but that's seven-time NASCAR Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson.

“I was eager to get down there and help. Also eager to show my daughter that aspect of giving back,” said Johnson.

He took his seven-year-old with him earlier this week when he went down to hurricane-ravaged Naples, Florida.

Nine days after the storm hit, he was shocked to see how bad it still was.

“People still didn’t have clean water and electricity in modern neighborhoods.”

His seven-year-old had seen the hurricane coverage, and Johnson wanted her to understand the importance of giving back.

“She was surprised to see so much water and trees down. [It] took her time to realize the impact on families. And once that happened, she was pretty sad. But I tried to spin it that we were gonna help people. It's what we do.”

The father-daughter duo and a disaster relief team from Lowes did just that. Together they traveled to a woman's home to help install an air conditioner.

“Once we went to the home and met the family and got the AC running and helped cut down the tree, [this] shifted in a positive way for her.”

And for her dad too.

“Really getting in there and getting involved on front lines is what I enjoy most. Impacting people up front and personal.”

Johnson says they put together photos from their trip that his daughter brought to school as a book report.