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Lowe's employee builds custom wheelchair for injured dog found limping on a highway in Shelby

An injured dog who was found limping on a highway in Shelby, is getting a second chance at life thanks to a local family, and a Lowe's employee.

MONROE, N.C. — Angela Chu was on her way to Pigeon Forge when she stumbled upon an injured dog in the median on Highway 74 in Shelby, NC. 

"She was limping, her bones were protruding, her nails extremely long, a double ear infection and her fur was full of knots and tangles," Chu said on her Facebook page. 

Chu knew she couldn't leave the dog on the highway and immediately scooped her up. 

 "Although she was clearly neglected for quite some time, this girl showed us nothing but love and appreciation. She was so thankful to be in my arms and off the dangerous highway. She was finally safe," Chu said. 

The dog, now named Willow, was rushed to the vet where Chu learned two things: No one claimed the dog and she had bone cancer in her hind legs. 

Turns out, Willow wouldn't be put up for adoption and would be euthanized. 

Chu said she drove back to the vet and picked her up immediately. 

Credit: Angela Chu

"This girl deserved all the love and care with the time she has left. She might have been deprived in the past but that would no longer be in her future. She will be safe, loved, and spoiled for the rest of her days," Chu said.

With Willow's injuries, she was unable to put any weight on her hind legs. 

Chu remembered a story about a Lowe's employee who built a custom wheelchair for an injured calf and decided to call the store in Monroe. 

"I decided to reach out to see if there would be any chance I could get one for Willow since she is unable to bear weight on her leg," Chu said. "Hobbling on three legs wear her down and although she wants to keep going, she just physically can’t." 

Chu said she talked to Keith from the Lowe's store and he was more than eager to build a wheelchair for Willow. 

"He [Keith] has been working so hard so that this wheelchair can properly support her in her weak state and allow her to roll around without having to use up her precious energy," Chu said.  

Chu said Keith is an unanswered prayer for her and her family. 

"I can’t tell you how patient, kind and empathetic he is. We are almost finished perfecting the wheelchair and we feel so blessed to be in a supportive community that goes above and beyond," Chu said.

Chu has been posting Willow updates on her Facebook page. As of January 25, Chu said Willow had two solid meals with her new Entyze medication. 

"We started pepcid again after her meals so this seems to be calming down her stomach without all the extra pain meds. We are so proud of her for eating and showing us she wants to keep on," Chu said. 

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