CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The stories of heroism in the wake of Hurricane Harvey will eventually make their way to Hollywood and become motion pictures but before then, the flood victims are still in need.

That's where Charlotte-native Jerry Snyder comes into the picture.

Snyder packed up his bags two weeks ago when he saw the devastation on TV. That led him hauling a boat to Houston and becoming part of a group who used the Zello app to save lives.

"Collectively, the volunteers rescued over 7,000 people that week," said Snyder.

The walkie-talkie app enabled volunteers like Snyder to communicate with people who listened to scanners, navigating the rescuers to spring into action.

After everyone was out of harm's way, Snyder made his way to back to Charlotte but he wasn't here long. Snyder rented a moving truck.

"My goal is to fill up half to three-fourths of this truck with beds, slightly used furniture, and slightly used appliances that can be donated."

The images he saw in Southeast Texas changed him.

"The priorities that I had a few weeks ago or a few months ago, certainly aren't my priority today."

His newfound initiative is finding furniture to take to Texas.

"Everything that got wet is now sitting on the streets of Houston," said Snyder. "I have a 32-foot truck, and I fully expect with faith and belief that we will fill the entire truck before we get to Houston."

He's accepting donations from anyone and everyone, with Charlotte being the first eight cities where he collected furniture.

He says he is planning on other trips. If you'd like to help, go to