MCADENVILLE, N.C. — The Queen City is full of coffee shops and restaurants, but a special spot just opened in McAdenville and is serving up a bit more than just your average cup of joe.

“The community has embraced us,” says Holy Angels president, Regina Moody. “They're very very excited about being here. They love the food. They love the coffee. They love the ice cream. But most importantly, love the people and the atmosphere."

Spruced Goose Station is run by Holy Angels, an organization here in town that serves people who are differently-abled, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Each day the restaurant employs residents from the organization, a place founded on living, loving, and learning. They come here, get a job, have social time, and earn a pay check.

Holy Angels president, Regina Moody, says its gives the residents confidence, self-esteem, and a normal routine, something so important for everyone.

"People who are differently-abled can and do want to have as normal life as possible and to be just like you and I and enjoy work and enjoy leisure time and enjoy just being with other people," she says.

The restaurant is open Monday through Saturday, 6:30am-9pm.