LANCASTER, S.C. -- Landon Bryson sees the world though a different point of view. Yet his passion for motivating others is crystal clear.

“Keep up the good work,” are the words Landon shares with anyone having a bad day. It’s the same attitude he applies to his school work. Especially when it comes to reading.

“I love reading,” said Landon. “I’m very interesting in this but sometimes it’s kinda complicated to say all these big second grader words!”

Landon is a second grader at Buford Elementary School.

The 7-year-old recently earning first place in a state reading competition. It’s the second year in a row he’s brought true trophy home.

“I was afraid I wasn't going to get called because they had big words like 'category,'” said Landon. “But she said Landon Bryson, first place and then I got those two medals, did you see them?!”

This wasn't your average reading competition Landon competed in.

“It was easy-peazy extra cheesy,” Landon said with a smile.

The competition is for blind students who read Braille. Landon took the prize home as he was he most accurate and fastest reader in his category.

“He can only see light and shadow,” said Ashley Bryson, Landon’s mom. “Eventually that will go away completely. But we’re all so proud of him. He encourages me to do better.”

Landon is planning to bring more trophies home in the future and has dreams of becoming a famous musician.

He hopes to meet his favorite artist, Taylor Swift, one day!