CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Spirit Halloween hosted an epic Halloween party Tuesday afternoon for patients and their families at Levine Children's Hospital.

Volunteers from local Spirit Halloween stores donated their time to throw a party at the children's hospital in Charlotte to help make the hospital a little less scary.

To date, the Spirit of Children Program has raised more than $247,489 for Levine Children's Hospital.

Michael Costello, the Regional Zone Manager at Spirit Halloween, said it's so rewarding for his employees to do events like these.

"No child should have to be in a hospital at all," Costello said. "Children should be able to focus on having fun and growing up and learning and not being in a hospital."

Nancy McCurry, a parent of a child at Levine, said this program is so great because it's a good way to get kids out of their hospital room.

"It's a lot of fun just to get out of your room," McCurry said. "And to have something to look forward to."

McCurry said her daughter, Sydney, was so excited for the Halloween party on Tuesday she could hardly sleep the night before.

"When we went to bed last night she was looking forward to it -- she got the little flyer, it's kind of a positive to look forward to."

The Spirit of Children program proceeds will benefit Levine Children’s Hospital’s Child Life Department, which helps make the hospital experience easier and more comfortable for young patients and their families by providing all non-medical treatment and healing through play.

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