CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Celebrating the power and heroic bravery of children battling serious illness, six children took part in a 'Superhero Fashion Show' inside Novant Health's Hemby Children's Hospital Thursday.

"These children showing the strength that they have is just outstanding. We're excited." said Paula Vincent with Novant.

Each child wore a 'Brave Gown' sporting bolts of lighting and sparkles representing bravery. The Brave Gowns are brightly-colored and comfortable, empowering children to feel better while receiving treatment.

"It's a lot more better than the old gowns." said 7-year-old Noah Prieto. "I love it."

Noah's Mom, Tracy Prieto, believes this moment is special.

"It means everything. Like, this time last year, we were in the hospital living here. To see where we are now, it's amazing. It's everything."

The Brave Gowns are provided by the Joy in Childhood Foundation.