MARSHVILLE, N.C. — Hundreds of people from the Marshville Community came together to throw a mini parade for a sick 4-year-old over the weekend.

The little boy, Ryder, was devastated to find out he would not be able to attend the official Marshville parade held on December 15.

Ryder's mom, Mandy Dawn, told NBC Charlotte her son had started running a fever about two weeks ago and nobody knew why. At first, doctors diagnosed him with a simple sinus infection and sent him home.


Days later Ryder's doctor's discovered an abscess growing in the back of his throat.

"We were told that all the antibiotics that he was on would shrink it and he would be fine," Dawn said.

Following a CT scan doctor's discovered the abscess was growing and ended up performing surgery on little Ryder to remove it.

Days later Ryder's abscess was back, but this time in a dangerous location.

"Then November 8th he was admitted back to the hospital, and after another CT scan, we were informed that he had another abscess but this time it was close to his brain," Dawn said.

Ryder now receives three IV infusions from home and is pretty much homebound, which means he would have to miss the annual Christmas parade in his hometown.


Dawn then took to social media to ask people if they would donate some cars, trucks, and dirt bikes for a mini parade for her son.

Volunteers came out in full force to give Ryder the perfect early Christmas present.

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Dawn said her son was super surprised and couldn't believe all of those people would give him his own parade.


"I was speechless," Dawn said. "I only expected a few cars from friends of mine and I was in tears when I seen just how many people took the time out for my baby. They didn’t know us and didn’t have to do that."

Dawn said she will be forever grateful for every single person who participated in the parade.

"They are all God sent," Dawn said.