MINT HILL, N.C. -- When you ask a bunch of kids "What are you thankful for?" the answers can range from A-Z.

"Jesus," responds one girl.

"Marshmallow-topped sweet potatoes," replies another.

"We get to have fun and play," says another little girl.

Thanksgiving is a day meant for family and just because these kids don't have one right now, doesn't mean they aren't loved.

Even though it's closed to the public for the holiday, Chris and Nicole Fasulka opened up their adventure park, "Urban Air" to give foster kids and refugees a Thanksgiving they will never forget.

"We have been very fortunate in our lives and we just wanted to give something back," said Fasulka, who opened the popular kids' spot in Mint Hill back in May.

In the video above, we couldn't show you the foster kids but the children who aren't blurred are with the Ministry, One7.

Anom is a 16-year-old refugee from Iraq. She was served a delicious thanksgiving meal which isn't something she ever had in Iraq.

"You had to work for you what you ate," she said.

Every one of the 130 kids have been through more than most can imagine but Anom's story is unlike others.

"My brother and I became believers in Christ. We were baptized and we told our dad and he ended up disowning us."

Anom says her future is bright because of her relationship with Jesus Christ, which gives every kid a reason to smile.

Those smiles alone are melting hearts quicker than butter on mashed potatoes, which makes it all worth it for Fasulka.

"The best darn Thanksgiving they've ever had!"