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YouDay: The rise of the new day

Coach LaMonte shares how we can greet each day with joy and enthusiasm for what's to come

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Every morning when I open my eyes, I have made it a ritual to give thanks to God for allowing me to see another day. I thank God for my family, friends, colleagues, and everyone who is involved in any aspect of my life. Next, I prepare my day by giving myself permission to experience a new day. By doing this I allow myself to experience the newness of a new day and all it has to offer. This is important because I release today from the bondage and weight of yesterday. This is key because so many of us treat a new day like the day before because it's easy to repeat the pattern of a day we once experienced than to walk through the unknowns of a new day.

I learned that each day brings new experiences for thought and growth. I know that today has lessons prepared for me that yesterday didn't teach, and tomorrow will build upon the growth of today. How you position yourself will determine how much you can get out of your day and what you can empower yourself to become by taking ownership over your day. Within the confines of a new day is a new optimism that regardless of what my have happened the day prior today I can correct what yesterday tried to destroy, and I understand that what I permit in my life today will build momentum tomorrow. Plus I think it is fair to acknowledge the stark reality that someone didn't wake up today- Someone wasn't able to see the beauty of a new day, or share in the moment of living in the power of a new moment. So knowing this why would we waste a new moment?

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Today find a reason to reconnect with yourself. Find a reason to fall in love with your life again. Find within yourself the power to live in the moment and cherish the ability wake up in your right mind  and know that at this very moment you can step into life and make life what you want life to be...all this can be done in a day! Don't waste it!

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