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YouDay: Own your mind and control your thoughts

It's to lose control of our thoughts. Coach LaMonte has advice for those looking to harness the power of positive thinking to achieve success.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — There are times we all struggle with our thoughts but it's important we own our minds before they own us. 

I once met a man who seemed to always be on the go. I rarely ever saw him stop to take a break or breathe. He constantly jumped from one project to the next. One day, I asked him why it seemed he never slowed his pace. His response taught me a lesson. 

He said, "I am simply allowing my mind to lead me in the direction I desire to go. I take possession over my mind and have developed a trust that my mind would never lead me in a direction I didn't permit. My mind works for me. I don't work for it."

The lesson? We should be leading our minds. We are the controllers of the way we think, so take control. Our mind can tend to have a mind of its own, but its our responsibility to put our minds in check and lead our minds. The majority of our lives are lived in the confines of our thinking. As a man thinketh in his heart so is he!

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That is why it's important to not allow just any thought to penetrate you. You deserve every thought, especially if that thought is a thought that holds you captive and doesn't celebrate you or activate you. Take back the reigns of your life by owning the reigns of your mind.

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