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YouDay: Good leaders solve problems

If you see a problem, it's because you are the leader appointed to fix what you see.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — There are two things that will always exist: Problems and answers to those problems. The key thing to remember is there is no problem in the world that exists that does not have a solution that time will uncover.

I encourage everyone reading this to find their place in this world where you can lead and fix. This lead-and-fix combination is missing in corporations and communities around the world. 

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This is because so many don't understand that we are all leaders in our own right. This is a characteristic that exists in all of us and rarely used by any of us.

This is my advice: If you see a problem, the problem is seen by you because you are the leader appointed to fix what you see. 

The true test of any leader is to not only see the problem but become the solution to the problem. We all have a part in the process of unleashing an answer to life's greatest issues. If you do your part, and I do my part, imagine the world we could create. 

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