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Run your race: YouDay

Coach Lamonte takes a common phrase and explains why how you start is critical to reaching your finish line.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Repeat after me: It's not about how I start, but how I finish. Now, never say that phrase again. 

Completely eliminate that from your mind. Why? Because it has everything to do with how you begin. You must understand that your start will determine your finish. 

The start is the process of establishing a foundation on which you will build your finish. Your finish cannot be withheld if your start is not identified. Without a start, how will you ever know you have arrived at your finish?

Imagine a race. You're at the starting line, the gun goes off. Do you just stand there or do you run to the finish line? You run to the finish line! 

Get to your finish. There is a place that is expecting you, a place awaiting your arrival, but you cannot get there until you begin. 

So, get on the mark, get set and go! Run your race. Finish so you can look back at your start and appreciate it. 

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