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YouDay: You exist to make the world a better place

We all seek significance in our lives. We want to feel needed, wanted and valued. But it's important that we stop looking to others for that validation.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — One thing all humans have in common is our search for significant. 

We want to feel as if we are needed, wanted and valued. The unfortunate thing is many of us are looking to others for this validation, ignoring the fact that first we must offer this to ourselves. When we don't feel the weight of relevance we will be crushed by the mental anguish of self-doubt.

It's important that each of us embraces the idea that you are relevant simply because you exist. Our purpose makes us relevant, and our passion for life adds value to who we are. 

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None of us were created to fail. We were all created to win and contribute the positive outcome of something. I believe that many of the issues we see in our world today can easily be solved by someone fully confident in their own internal offerings. We can never solve the world's mysteries if we ourselves are unsolved.

It's time to reinvest in your life. It is time to make you important again. It is time for you to be you, the full picture of success and relevance. 

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Let me drop this in your spirit: You exist because within you is the answer to make the world a better place. You were created to make life better. You were created to change the course of the world around you. 

So be YOU and be the best YOU that YOU can be.

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