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YouDay: Enough of the 'enoughs.' Unlock your inner strength

It's easy to believe you aren't good enough to reach your goals. The key to living our dreams is unlocking our inner strength.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — One day, I was running late for a meeting. As I was getting ready to leave, I ran out the door, jumped in the car and sped down the street. 

As I was in transit, I received a text message that I read at a stoplight. After reading the text, I happened to look at the top of my phone and noticed the date. That's when it hit me: I was actually on time for my meeting, a day early!

I was in a frantic rush for no reason and thought to myself, "if I had only looked at the date, I would've known that my meeting was the next day."

I tell this story because it has nothing to do with your strength. I just wanted to share my goof up!

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I must be transparent. It took time for me to unlock my inner strength and to accept that I was stronger than I gave myself credit for. We all have moments when we question if we're good enough, strong enough, capable enough ... all the enoughs!

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However, don't get thrown off course with the "enough" distractions. You are strong because you have endured much and still won. You are strong because life came to beat you down, yet you got back up and kept swinging. 

You are strong because it is what it is: Don't forget that. 

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