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YouDay: How to stop being your own fugitive

We're all guilty of being our own saboteurs. Coach LaMonte says it's time to stop harboring them.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Would you ever harbor a fugitive? One who was guilty of stealing, killing and destroying lives? Well if you are like me, I wouldn't either. But what if you are the fugitive you are hiding? Would that make you guilty?

I discovered that I perfected hiding myself as this fugitive. I was guilty of stealing my peace, killing my dreams and destroying my destiny. It was easy for me to do this because I found every opportunity to sabotage myself, and self-defeat became a regular practice.

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I had to realize that my own fears were holding me hostage and keeping me from truly living my best life. Can you identify with this? What areas of your life are you harboring the enemy of your soul? Expose that nature and refuse to no longer allow it to take residence in your life.

You will never fully be free while you are harboring  the weapons to your own destiny- the YOU that wants to destroy, YOU! Let go, stop hiding, stop harboring,  and step into your greatness.

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