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Youday: Channel your inner champion

Coach Lamonte shares a common story line from a famous fairy tale, to help us all learn how to look at ourselves differently.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The most honest and vulnerable place in the world is the mirror. It is the only place we can see our beauty and flaws at the same time. It is the only place that will show a sense of honest vulnerability and the place where we first acknowledge the changes we desire. 

It is a place which can show us both honesty and fabricated stories of who we are and who we perceive ourselves to be. It is here that we grow or hinder growth, define or redefine self-image, and adopt a sense of oneness.

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But the mirror also has a voice. A voice we can choose to embrace or ignore. It's a voice we must discern whether is for us, aiding us towards our expected and highest self, or a voice that desires to imprison us in a state of inability and suffering. With this in mind we must understand that the mirror will speak and show us what we want to believe about who we are. 

If we see who we really are we will embrace our ability to just be. So mirror, mirror on the wall....how will you finish the statement?

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