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YouDay: Dealing with fickle people

Coach LaMonte says you'll know who to stick with and who is trying to uproot you.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — I think we can all agree that some people are fickle. 

The people we get today can become completely different tomorrow. One day celebrating and encouraging us, the next moment they are against us. Many of us have accepted this treatment as normal. Worse many have become dependent on these relationships and locked in the circuits of inconsistency.

This dependence is emotionally and spiritually dangerous. This is why it is key that we discern who and why and for what purpose a person is in our lives. I have discovered that there are people that are in our lives for a reason, season, and lifetime. It is key that we place people in the right category because if not that relationship can steer us in the wrong direction, at the right time in our life.

When we place a dependence on relationships in our lives, we can sometimes place power into the hands of people manipulating us. How do you know? If another person controls your mood and behavior, this is an indication of their control. It is time to claim your independence and uproot this manipulation from the soil of our souls.

 Learn to depend on you. Learn to make you a priority. It is not selfish for you to do so. Use the internal gift of discernment to discern who should have a right at the table of your life. 

Relationships are like seasons, they change. Make sure you place people in their right position and protect your heart

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