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YouDay: Don't quit before your time. Keep the process going

You will arrive at the set time and all that you have desired will be fully manifested if you simply keep going.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — If you are a dreamer, you will fully understand the idea of quitting. We all have been there. We all have experienced some time in our dream process the desire to quit and walk away. 

Trust me, I have been there and created 500 variations of T-shirts to prove my point. This is simply the life of a dreamer, but it doesn't have to define the dreamer nor the dream they are carrying. This is just a process we walk through that will determine how serious we are about what we are carrying.

Quitting is a combination of frustration and lack of patience. 

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We grow frustrated when it seems as if things are not moving according to plan, and impatient when we feel as if what we are working on should already be manifested in our lives and hasn't. As I am writing this, I feel the need to share a transparent moment.

There was a time when I considered putting YouDay on the shelf and walking away. I felt that the process of bringing this to life was slipping into obscurity creating a great inner turmoil at the idea of receiving another fleet of no's. Was it my approach or did stations clearly not get it?

I searched within myself for these answers and arrived at a conclusion that maybe it wasn't good enough, or people didn't need what I was offering. So one day, I decided to walk away from the dream. The thing about a dream is, though you may walk away, your mind doesn't understand quitting because your dream is living and well according to your brain. Well, fortunately, I returned to YouDay, and here we are today. I am living proof that quitting is the wrong to do because, at any moment, your life can shift.

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My sincere advice to you is not to quit before your time. Keep the process going. You will arrive at the set time and all that you have desire will be fully manifested if you simply keep going. Stay committed, and the payoff will be greater than you could ever imagine.

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