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YouDay: Change is inevitable

Whether we acknowledge it or not, change is always happening and we are changing whether we see it or not.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — One of the most difficult things people struggle with is making a change.

Whether it is a job, a relationship, lifestyle or health, many of us tend to see change as an event of torture rather than an overall benefit that strengthens us as individuals.

In a survey, a group of individuals was asked if they would rather have a tooth pulled or go through a process of implementing some type of change. The result was 80% of the group would rather lose a tooth than face change. What that group didn't realize is change is inevitable. Whether we acknowledge it or not, change is always happening and we are changing whether we see it or not.

As much as I would love to go back to this time in my life, at least for some benefit, I can not wear the same clothes I wore in high school. Yeah, maybe the style has changed since, but the truth is I can't fit in those clothes. My body has changed and this was a change I had no control over. Life controlled this change. 

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Change is going to happen regardless if you attempt to hinder it or not because each day releases a new process that didn't exist the day before. Because change is so real we must be agents to guide change and not watch change happen without our input. We must be willing to place ourselves in a position where we allow change to manifest in our lives and we control change's outlook.

Our best approach is to simply be willing to celebrate new opportunities for personal growth. If we simply change the way we see change, we will open the door to change more smoothly and beautifully. 

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Change helps us re-experience life in a more enjoyable and celebratory manner. The more we welcome change, the more we can witness ourselves grow and mature into more powerful individuals. So don't fight the change you can become. Fight the element within that fights change. You may enjoy the person you become.

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