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YouDay: The Garden Principle

What is the condition of the garden of your life? Coach LaMonte shares a story with a very special meaning in this edition of YouDay.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — There were two neighbors -- one a teacher, the other a doctor. They both planted seeds in their gardens. The teacher gave less attention to his plants, while the doctor provided much attention. The plants grew. 

The teacher’s plants were simple but nice. The doctor's plants were much fuller and greener.

One night a storm passed carrying heavy rain and wind. Inspecting the damage the next day, the doctor saw that his plants uprooted and were destroyed. However, the teacher’s plants were not damaged. 

The doctor asked the teacher, “I gave my plants more attention than you did- How did my plants die while yours lived?"  

The teacher replied, “while you gave your plants more attention, the lack of attention I provided made my plants learn to fend for themselves. Your plants grew depended, mine learned survival."

Moral: It's time to stop doing everything for some people, so they can learn on their own.